Exterior walls

Silicate masonry blocks -24 cm, thermal insulation - 20 cm, air gap - 5 cm, air insulation, decoration  - stone tiles

λ= 0.2 W/m²·K (resistivity R=5.0 m²·K/W)

Interior walls

Lightweight aggregate concrete masonry block - 10+10 cm with stone wool 5 cm, partitions - silicate or lightweight aggregate blocks of 10 cm, exterior facing is plastered.


22 cm thick reinforced concrete panels with monolithic inserts




Plastic, λ = 1.9 W / m² · K, interior window sills are not mounted.


Faced with glass, flooring - epoxyde surface or stone tiles.


Central city heating, individual registration of apartment heating, mountable heating devices - steel radiators with thermoregulators.


In the apartments the air enters the rooms naturally. The air ducts are installed in the sanitary unit and in the kitchen area for the natural air extraction. There are also air ducts for the exhaust fumes to remove. There are no ventilation grilles installed. The automotive area is equipped with the smoke exhaust system to remove the exhaust fumes from the parking.

Water supply

Running water comes from a municipal water supply networks.

Water pipes (multilayer pipes) are equipped and stretched up to the sanitary unit, as was envisioned by the draft. In the kitchen area water pipes are laid to the place of the sanitary appliances. Plumbing appliances are not mounted.


A municipal water supply networks, PVC pipes, sanitary appliances are not mounted.


Reinforced concrete pile, underground parking walls - reinforced concrete with waterproofing layer.


The draft includes electricity accounting related to the common areas and the apartments. Inside the apartment there is an interim electrical panel with the installed automatic switch and connected to the voltage.

Low voltage

On the each floor, on the entryway there is a mounted switchboard of low voltage networks (TV, telephone, Internet). There are no wires of the low voltage system in the apartments.


Each entrance is set with the speed elevator by the company "Schindler", which lifts the residents to all the floors and also to the underground parking area. The speed of the elevator is 1 m / s, load capacity is 630 kg / 8 people. Elevator connects to the dispatcher console.


Imposed, two-layer roller coating, 2 cm rock wool and 20 cm  - expanded polystyrene. λ = 0.16 W / m² · K


Collector closets for water accounting, individual registration of water, electricity and apartment heating.


The entrance door to the apartment is armored. The internal door of the apartment is not mounted.

The facing of landing

Plaster, paint


The whole area of ​​the apartment has got a leveling base. Floor coverings are not set.