About project

"Fausta“ is a new multi-family residential district. The blocks of flats are located in a quiet area of ​​Palanga city, a 20 minute walk to the sea. Through Bangų-Vytauto-Žvejų Str. the way leads directly to Palanga rescue station. Bangų Str. (next to the project) has been newly asphalted recently. Around the district "Fausta" there are a lot of trees and greenery. Not far from, in the distance of 300 m. there is a best medical center in Palanga. There are also nearby school, a kindergarten, a shop and a playground for children. Blocks of flats consist of two five-story houses at the residential address: Medvalakio Str. 12 and Medvalakio Str. 12A, Palanga. Each house has got 75 apartments.

There is a large selection of 1 room, 2 room and 3 room apartments here. Some of the ground floor apartments have terraces and direct outputs from the apartment. In "Fausta" territory there will be a playground for children, green spaces and the territory will completely be straighten out according to the highest quality standards. At the moment the environmental assessment work is being done.

The underground parking is equipped under "Fausta" houses, from which with help of the equipped elevator the residents of the house can be ascended to any home floors. The large ground parking will also be equipped in the courtyard. The project house area will be fenced and the automatic gate entry into the "Fausta" will be installed.

The land plot is private Property